Friday, August 3, 2007

God's Creations

If God can create this.... And this......(YUK)

Then I know he can create a way for us to have enough money to pay for up coming cost of this adoption. God I ask that you help me not worry about the money, I ask that you would continue to provide for this adoption, and most of all God I ask that you comfort all my friends out there who struggle with the same worry. Lord, Please provide a way for me to visit Daniel in Oct.


Heather said...

It will all work out. Some how. Some way. It will. The whole process is one huge leap of faith after another. It is just leaping and leaping and leaping in faith. In the end, all the risk and all the angst is so worth it. Hang in there!
Thanks for blogging,

Heather said...

I just have to say how strange this is: Just as I finished leaving you my comment here I clicked over to my blog and you had JUST THEN left a comment on it... ?!!!?!!!!!!!! How crazy is THAT????? :)
Love to you both,

Abbie said...

We too are wondering where the next allotment of funds are coming from for our adoption of Annabella (Taina). Everything we've needed has worked out so far - but as always I'd rather feel more sure and just see it sitting in the bank account ahaed of time. We trust God for it to work out since He brought us to Annabella, but His timing never seems to line up with what I think it should be. :) Needless to say, we share in your worry, waiting and frustration.

Beautiful pictures! Where was the top photo taken?

Kathy Eden said...

{{{{{ Hugs }}}}}} We're in this together! :o) You WILL get to see Daniel in Oct. & you WILL have all your paper work ready! :o)

Nikki Cox said...

I know that everything will work out.....God is in control!
And I know u know this!
love u

Nikki Cox said...

GOD is Awsome! All the time! 24/7! 365 days of the year. He is watching over u and Danial and that is why God led u to him so that u could adopt him. I know we will have a GREAT MK showing and u will get lots of profit from it. I really have a GREAT feeling about it!
I love u!

Sarah said...

Check out Spirit airlines for great deals on flights to PAP! Sign up so they email you with the latest deals (they advertise them as insanely cheap flights and then you have to add on the fees, taxes etc, but they still come out pretty cheap). Some people were able to fly out of Florida for around $80 round trip in October!!! They have some crazy deals every once in a while.

Tim & Sarah said...

Thank you Everyone!!! I do feel encouraged. I have a couple of upcoming fundraisers. I believe I will somehow get to see Daniel soon! Heather, How funny that I posted as you posted. Abbie, the photo was taken in Panama City,FL. Kathy, You are Awesome! {{HUGS}} back at you! Nikki, I love you! Thanks for doing the Mary Kay show and helping us bring home Daniel. I and looking forward to the show in 2 weeks. Sarah, Hi again, I will definitely check out the Spirit prices! Thanks for everyone's help and prayers!!!!! Love Sarah