Sunday, May 27, 2007


This is so strange, but I played the national bingo on Friday night, and I won!! It is just a DVD, but I never win anything. I knew when I printed the card, it was silly, but I thought it would be fun, and it was! If you have no life like me and you need something to do on a Friday night, play bingo!!!!!

Here's the scoop

Lots going on at the Olson household! Let me start off by saying that we officially have our home listed with a realtor. We have had it listed for about 1 week now. No lookers yet. The realtor said it would probably take about 4 weeks or so for people to take notice in the home. We did however have to price it slightly higher to cover the cost of the realtor fees and pay the loan off. This will probably be to our disadvantage. Please be praying that God sends the right buyer to our home, sooner rather than later:-). Pray that Tim and I can stay on top of keeping the house clean and picked up so that when that buyer does come along, they can see the home rather than thousands of toys, clothes, shoes (you get the point?). I will continue to keep you guys posted on the process. Our hope and prayer is that we can have it sold by the time school starts back in August.
I feel as though it has been a while since I have posted about any blessings. so I want to make sure I give God credit for a few things lately. Let me start out by saying that Tim and I took the big girls to the Barlow Girl concert. Upon getting there, we realized that our seats were taken. This was so upsetting because we had got our tickets before it was advertised, and had front row center. We didn't say much, just wanted to know where else to sit. Just before being told where they were going to put us, the lady gave us back all of our money!! This was huge, totally unexpected! Didn't ask for it, or expect it. The second blessing that comes to mind is that I was able to get a hold of discount tickets to Kings Island. The tickets were for $20 a piece. I know that you are thinking this is no big deal, discounts are always available, but this is where it gets good. We had invited some friends to the park with us. They were having a hard time paying for their tickets. Guess what amount they needed for tickets? You guessed it! The same amount we had been refunded from the concert! Isn't it grand how blessings just make their way around from family to family! Anyhow, just a bit of us lately. Hope everyone is having a great summer and to anyone who is adopting from Haiti and reading this, just know that I continue to pray for you guys and your children! Love Ya! Sarah

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

when life gets hard

I am sitting here at 11 pm holding my 2 1/2 year old while she's sleeping. I cannot sleep due to a situation that has sort of unfolded the last few days/hours. First of all I won't mention any names due to privacy, but a certain friend has basically been put into a situation that could cause her to loose her child. I will say the situation is one where there has been a lot of scheming going on. I hate this for her. I would love to raise her child, however so would a few other people. Not to mention, this is her child that she loves and wants! I know this must sound strange, even awful that someone would be in a situation that could cost them their child, but everyone makes mistakes, and sometimes what you don't think is a mistake, other do and try to convince everyone else that it's a bigger deal than it really is. Have I completely lost you all? I know its hard to follow, especially when I am typing late at night after a long day. I really just want prayer for this situation, that God's voice will be heard, and followed. This little girl is the one who is in limbo, and could easily suffer the consequences of this. Like I said, I cannot go into great detail other than I love her and only want what is best for her, no matter what!

This is getting old!

I am so tired of being in limbo with the whole house situation. Finally, I feel as though I have something to say other than we are waiting. We had a realtor who came to our home last night, and she feels as though she can help us sell the house, and not have to pay out of our pocket to get out of the loan. She is willing to take less than the standard commission. This is awesome news! The investor guy wasn't able to help us, I hated that news, but all in all, I know that the Lord is ultimately in control. We will putting the sign in our yard next week, the realtor wanted to give us time to pack up a few items in the house so that it will look bigger, and weed eat the yard, pull weeds, etc. We are very pleased with how honest and professional this realtor is. Please continue to pray for a speedy sell of our home, and that Tim and I can make a wise choice regarding what house to buy and in the right price frame. We don't want to be house poor. We want to use our money wisely, we have learned, that even though we can afford a certain amount, doesn't mean we should! Any way we have lots of work to do this weekend, will post with all additional news regarding the housing. Love to all! Sarah Olson

Monday, May 7, 2007

Look who's 31

Happy Birthday TIM!
I am so sorry I forgot last year!
Enjoy your day!
We Love you very much!!
Love, Sarah, Brittany, Kaylee, Audrey and Emily