Monday, June 30, 2008

To Bar-B-Q or not, this is the Prayer....

So we are thinking of having a Bar-B-Q fundraiser. We are so worried that it will flop! We have a guy, who is willing to donate his time and equipment, and space to do this for us, but we are just worried that we will loose money in the long run. Please be in prayer about this event. We want to try and have all the remainder money we need, buy the end of summer! Thanks a bunch prayer comrades!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

oh, summer fun...

We love summer! Lots of sun, water fun, and being outside! Local friends, If you would like to join us on a picnic, please let us know...

Sunday, June 22, 2008

its so hard...

It is so hard this time. When you get pregnant, you generally have a baby in 9 months, when we adopted the first 2 times, we had babies in just a few months each time, this time is a killer.

I ache to bring my son home. I try my very best to stay positive, to know that he is coming home, to say God will finish what he started, but its hard. With recent news of our age being a problem, my spirit is really heavy with worry. I know that I am not supposed to worry, but I really feel that at times it's my middle name. We are trying like crazy to come up with the rest of his fee's, and possibly a trip for Tim to visit again, but that at times feels miles away. I long to get his room together, to buy clothes, to visit again, to bring him home, to have 5 children living in our home.

So with this, I ask:

Please pray for my heart not to worry, to completely and totally know and believe that God is in control. For us to raise enough money to pay the rest of the fees, a trip for Tim, and final money to go pick him up, which we estimate to be about $3000. For somehow, someway to be able to start on creating his room, for our file to exit IBESR, for our file to fly through the rest of the process, and finally, for the other files stuck like ours. It would be really hard to know that we got approval when friends have not. I am at a stage of UGG, and I am really trying, but could use some extra prayer. Tim and I are both working like crazy to make sure we have the money when we need it, and I almost think we are working to hard. Tim works 2 jobs, his regular fire dept job, and part time at the YMCA, I have picked up PRN at a nursing home this summer since school is out, and recently committed to teaching summer school sessions for a group of preschoolers. Please pray for strength. Thank you all my dear blog readers, I don't know what I would do with out you all!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I just love this boy!!!

Thank you Kathy for this precious picture! I love you baby!


More children should be leaving this week to be with there families! Pray for them, their safety, and their families...

Welcome home! We love you and are so excited to see you come home!

Thursday, June 12, 2008


These kids are going home!!!! Congratulations!

Monday, June 9, 2008

This is us...

No fancy meals, but picnics at the park,
Feeding the hungry ducks on a nice day,
Taking a dip at a local pool, on a hot day,
showing off,
and finally, being silly at the little splash park!

We are not a fancy family, but a family who really loves to be together. We don't go all out on clothes, homes or vacations, but rather enjoy each other with what is readily assessable. We have taken a few nice vacations, but none are as enjoyable as just being together, laughing, playing, and making memories at home. We are so blessed to have all we have, and look forward to share it all with our son Isaiah. Looking to the future, enjoying now, and not letting a single moment pass us by to enjoy one another. :0)

Saturday, June 7, 2008


We don't qualify for Haitian adoptions...REALLY?

This is the email I got today....

"From IBESR no good news : Olson are too young to adopt, the 1974 law requires 35 years old. I think we are waiting for the new law or a clemency of the director of IBRSR. We will keep in touch."

So far, I am not that nervous. I know that this is my child, and nothing will stand in the way of that, not even some silly law...

So, Please pray that the director will see our file, along with some others who are in the same situation, and give us clemency. Pray for each family in our situation, along for us, that our spirits would not be broken because of this. Pray for our files to not be held up any longer than they have been already. If you are a part of this whole situation, and you know if you are, know that we are praying for your file too!

On another note, day 2 of our yard sale brought in another $108. Our grand total for the 2 days combined are $718. Praise God for the wonderful couple who donated so much for us to sell, and for the shoppers who bought from us. We have been truly blessed by the greatness of others.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

So happy!

UPDATE # 2.......

I am so happy, I just made another $5 and was able to give away a dryer to a family that needed it!!! Yah for being blessed, and being able to be a blessing!


$608 made from today's sale!! What a blessing!

I am having a huge yard sale this weekend, and just made my first 43 dollars off of it tonight!!! I am so excited, and ready for the next 2 days! Please pray for lots of shoppers.... with lots of money to spend.... and for what I have to be what someone else needs. I will post an update of tomorrow's sales tomorrow!