Thursday, August 2, 2007

Over that hump!!!

Whew, we are past the home study meeting. We still are waiting on a couple of things to come in, Tim's CPS check in CA, and employment verification from Tim's second job and My job. Hopefully all will be here by Mon. The girl conducting the study said she was shooting to have everything typed and ready to go by this weekend, and that if our paperwork was in by next week, that possibly she could give it to us by Friday!!!!! This is a huge weight lifted off. Next Monday, we have our mental health apt. I am slightly nervous about this as well, but I know it will be OK. God is in control. Hopefully by the 10th, I can send off for our I600? I think this is what it is called. Where the money will come from for it is way beyond me!!! Any how, thanks for all your prayers! Love, Sarah


Aves @ Call of the Phoebe said...

Awesome accomplishment on the homestudy...Good luck on your Physch exam, another no big will all be fine.


Kathy Eden said...

That's great Sarah! The mental health exam made us nervous too but it went really well.
It's the I 600a but you were really close :o) The I 600 is what you file in person when you are in Haiti.

Tim & Sarah said...

Ok, this is all so confusing. Glad to know what I will be filing in Haiti. I would hate to go there and sound really well stupid and say something like, "I need to file those one papers that we have to file to adopt from here":0)

Kathy Eden said...

You're funny! It is confusing. Don't worry you'll have the right papers & you don't have to say anything unless they ask you a question.