Saturday, April 28, 2007


OK so here is the big update on the whole house situation. We had an investor come to our home on Thursday. He said that he could not just write us a check and purchase our home, but he was interested in it. What this means is that he will try to sell it on contract. We would allow him to assume payments and take over the loan. For some, this would seem a bit scary, but for us it seems awesome. We just found out that one of the reasons we aren't able to sell our home without being upside down, is that the builder who is still completing the neighborhood lowered the price of the homes! Yes, he started selling the same house for less than we bought it 4 years ago! This has really hurt the home sells in this area. Fortunately the subdivision is within 4 lots of being complete. We are really praying that this investor will pull for us. He seemed like an honest man, and was very clear with the fact that if he took over payments, and then sold it, that he would be the one to make money. He didn't tip toe around any topic. He is a member with the better business bureau and has been in business for over 20 years and never defaulted on a loan. Please be praying that this will all work out and we can finally move and not be stuck piled on top of each other! Thanks for all the prayers. Tim and Sarah

Friday, April 27, 2007


I want to first let anyone and everyone who reads this blog know that my husband and I are people with feelings and emotions and have a passion for life. We try to live our lives pleasing to God. We try to honor him with what we have and praise him with what we are given. Let it be known that it has been brought to our attention that ill talk has been said about us as people, parents, and as friends. We don't appreciate this! We so want to encourage anyone who has questions regarding our marriage, faith, family, the way we raise our children, or how we value our friendships to come forward and ask before believing nonsense statements made by others. This is very concerning to us as the ill talk came from a fellow church goer. We try to respect friends, care about them, their future, their past and present. We uphold the most respect for privacy and the well being of our friends. We want what is best for others, because that is what you do when you live your life trying to resemble God. We are genuine people and it hurts us for people not to see us this way. What you see is what you get with us. Are we perfect? NO! Do we say we are perfect? NO! Who we are is the Lords children who are growing and learning each and everyday! I do not really expect anyone to comment, this is a lot to take in. Please have a great day and know that we love the Lord and Value you as a friend! Tim and Sarah

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

So the House Bug has bitten Tim and I! Recently we have put in a patio in our backyard, done some landscaping, and tried to organize and tidy up the house. Meanwhile, we have been eyeballing a new house that was built just up the street from us. We drive by it all the time but couldn't seem to catch any info papers there. We decided to call the realtor who has it listed. Well, low and behold, we went to look at it on Sunday. I am so glad we did. We quickly realized that we didn't need or want a house that had remote control fans and lights in it. I mean if your going to spend that kind of money, you might as well have another room for stuff! This led us to look online for other listings. We have totally found several that are in our price range! We didn't think this would be possible. We have called a couple more Realtors. We are going to look at a house tomorrow and one on Sunday. In the meantime, we have contacted a few people regarding the selling situation. We are ready to move on. We are praying the Lord is saying it is time to move on! We hope that we can talk to one of these Realtors and find someone who will help us sell. If this isn't a possibility, we are praying for someone to come along and buy our home. We are not looking to make profit, just get out of the loan. This is where all my friends come into play. If you know of a realtor who may help us, and I mean be willing to work for less commission or a couple who would like to purchase a home, please pray and let us know. We will also take prayer only if you have no Realtors or ideas of people who are wanting to purchase:). I will keep you all informed of our housing situation. Talk with ya later.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Guess What?????

Well, its final, Tim and I have decided to adopt another child. Not anytime soon, well we are looking to start the process by the end of the year. Somewhere around Oct, Nov or Dec. This will give us time to save money, have a few yard sales to help cover the cost and pay off a small loan we have. Other than the house, cars, student loans and this one small loan, we have no other debt, and this is the way we want it to remain! We have worked so hard for so many years to get out of debt, that for the first times in our lives, we don't feel bogged down. What an awesome feeling!. Praise God for giving us jobs and the will power to do what we know is right. We are going to try our best to pay off the small loan and save a thousand or two to start the process

We originally thought we were going to adopt from another country where we could choose to adopt a boy, but after lots of prayer, Tim came to me and said that he wasn't so sure this was a good idea. We have always wanted a boy, probably me more than him, but we never specified a certain gender. We left that to God, we felt like we didn't get to choose gender when we were pregnant, so why choose gender with our adoptions. We totally feel as though the Lord gave us our 4 girls for a reason, and whatever the reason, it is what he wants for us. We do feel that we are to adopt again, there is no question about it! We will go for a local baby again, and continue to pray for a boy, but ultimately leave the decision up to God. With this said, unlike the other 2 adoptions, we probably will have to wait a while. We were blessed to get the babies in less than 3 months both times. This is not typical, however I know that when the Lord wants something to happen, it will. A local adoption will cost us between 9 and 12 thousand. We have a lots of saving to do:).

I am a huge planner it will be very hard for me to wait. I will start by putting together our birth parent book, and start a savings account that I will put my mileage checks into and any other cash we get unexpectantly, like our yard sale money and consignment shop money. We also need to be in a larger home. We are currently working on landscaping and painting, cleaning out the garage and making the house more organized. I would love to have the house sold and a new one bought by this winter. So I beg anyone who knows of anyone interested in a 3 bedroom, 2 bath home to please contact us. We are willing to accept an offer that will simply get us out of the loan. Thank you to everyone who consider praying for us over the next few months, that we will be responsible with our money, and diligent in getting our home together so that we can sell it. I will continue to up date everybody as time come nearer!!!!

Saturday, April 7, 2007


Happy Easter Everybody!!!
Remember; that the Lord has risen, he is not just some figment of imagination, he is real!!!
Have a Great Day and enjoy each other.
Love always,
The Olson Family