Wednesday, May 9, 2007

when life gets hard

I am sitting here at 11 pm holding my 2 1/2 year old while she's sleeping. I cannot sleep due to a situation that has sort of unfolded the last few days/hours. First of all I won't mention any names due to privacy, but a certain friend has basically been put into a situation that could cause her to loose her child. I will say the situation is one where there has been a lot of scheming going on. I hate this for her. I would love to raise her child, however so would a few other people. Not to mention, this is her child that she loves and wants! I know this must sound strange, even awful that someone would be in a situation that could cost them their child, but everyone makes mistakes, and sometimes what you don't think is a mistake, other do and try to convince everyone else that it's a bigger deal than it really is. Have I completely lost you all? I know its hard to follow, especially when I am typing late at night after a long day. I really just want prayer for this situation, that God's voice will be heard, and followed. This little girl is the one who is in limbo, and could easily suffer the consequences of this. Like I said, I cannot go into great detail other than I love her and only want what is best for her, no matter what!


Nikki said...

I have been so crazy busy this week, I have not even looked at any of your bloggs till tonight and o my~ I will be praying for the girl and you I know this is hard on u because u have such a big heart! love u~N~

Nikki said...

I hope that u have a GREAT mothers day~ love u