Wednesday, May 9, 2007

This is getting old!

I am so tired of being in limbo with the whole house situation. Finally, I feel as though I have something to say other than we are waiting. We had a realtor who came to our home last night, and she feels as though she can help us sell the house, and not have to pay out of our pocket to get out of the loan. She is willing to take less than the standard commission. This is awesome news! The investor guy wasn't able to help us, I hated that news, but all in all, I know that the Lord is ultimately in control. We will putting the sign in our yard next week, the realtor wanted to give us time to pack up a few items in the house so that it will look bigger, and weed eat the yard, pull weeds, etc. We are very pleased with how honest and professional this realtor is. Please continue to pray for a speedy sell of our home, and that Tim and I can make a wise choice regarding what house to buy and in the right price frame. We don't want to be house poor. We want to use our money wisely, we have learned, that even though we can afford a certain amount, doesn't mean we should! Any way we have lots of work to do this weekend, will post with all additional news regarding the housing. Love to all! Sarah Olson


Angela said...

Definitely praying!!!

Nikki said...

That is GREAT news I am glad u r going with a realitor that will help u guys. I know u all need a bigger house and I will be praying for it you all to make the right decisions with the Lord. ~N~