Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I AM...

Thanks for asking Colleen!

i am: so thankful for the life given to me.
i think: way to much at times!
i know: a lot about nothing.
i want: to model someday, even if it's for something crazy, like.... fish food!
i have: a wonderful husband, who would give me everything, if everything didn't cost so much!
i wish: I would have followed my dreams a bit more, like becoming a doctor, or a model.
i hate: waiting, insects, snakes veggies, dirt, clutter and to many conversations at once.
i miss: college and my grandmother.
i fear: my children will be kidnapped!
i feel: very nervous about flying!
i hear: lots of things (i shouldn't) come out of the mouths of students I work with.
i smell: really well!
i crave: junk food all the time!
i search: the Internet for everything!
i wonder: what the future holds for me and my family.
i regret: lots....
i love: (this is hard, because I love lots)
i ache: when I work out.
i care: about people who have less than we have been given.
i always: think about how abundantly I have been blessed.
i am not: out going in person. I take a while to feel comfortable in a crowd.
i believe: that Jesus died for me, for my sin's, so that I can go to heaven!
i dance: after I have had a couple of drinks!
i sing: with a really awful voice, but loudly in the car when no ones around.
i cry: only at really sad things. I hold in a lot.
i don’t always: express what I want. Again, I hold in a lot.
i fight: for what I believe in.
i write: on my blog, at work, and when I pay bills.
i never: eat salad!

i listen: to others problems, so that mine don't seem so bad!
i can usually be found: cleaning my house when my husbands gone, or on the computer if my husband is home.
i need: positive reinforcement frequently.
i am happy about: a lot!

how about you, Nikki, Kristina, Angela, YouYou and Kathy Eden


Nikki Cox said...

ok ok I will blog about all of this stuff so once again...READ MY BLOG~

Kathy Eden said...

Thanks for sharing Sarah! I just did mine.

Colleen said...

Many days I miss college, too, Sarah. Life was so simple back then!

Great post. Thanks for keeping it going. ;)

Kristina said...

I just read this so I will do this soon!

Angela said...

oops, just saw that you tagged me. sorry about that. Love your answers. I'll start working on it. :)

Oh, and I have been spring cleaning and I found 2 books you let me borrow....adoption miracle and another adoption book that I can't remember the title to. We need to get together. Call me.