Sunday, August 5, 2007

Reality Check

I'm sitting here tonight, watching the food network. The show tonight is Candy Castle Challenge. I am thinking "OH, this is cool, I would LOVE to live in a Castle" and "I want to visit Mall of America" this is where the show was filmed. Just then, at that moment, it hit me! OH MY GOODNESS!!!! School starts in less than a week for the girls. This means, I have to start paying a babysitter, and the girls will have homework nightly, and the worst part, is I have to start getting up early and actually getting ready! No taking my time, blogging or relaxing through breakfast, it is all going to change! I am excited yet, nervous. You know it's one of those times when you have a smile, but then it hits and your smile is sort of quirky. Anyhow, better that I realize this now rather than... OH... the first day or week of school! Have a great week, and as I said, things will get crazy around here, in other words, :( not as much bloggin' time!


Kathy Eden said...

I like the Food Network & the Mall of America (note to self...need at least 3 days to "tour" it properly). Reality checks are good! You'll get into a routine & do fine :o)

Sarah said...

I feel for ya! I start back to school this month (I'm in my last year of nursing school!) and feel like I haven't done anything this summer! Just think, at least we will have something to help pass the time while waiting for our children to come home :)

Tim & Sarah said...

Great point Sarah! Best wishes to you during you schooling. I remember when I was in my last year and clinicals for OT. Talk about stress, I had adopted 2 children during this time. My prayers are with you that you can stay focused and complete with honors!