Thursday, July 12, 2007

Tonight's the Night

Tonight is the Pool Party. Again, If anyone out there did not get a mail invitation, you are very welcome to attend!!! We would be so happy to have you there. We will have soda's, water, chips and candy bars available for .50 each. We are looking forward to a great night with friends and family.

Onto another note, We got a call back from the home study people. They are sending us the paperwork to get started. I was also told that they have to do fingerprints and Cps checks that could take an additional 60 days to complete. I am praying that it is complete by August!!! Please pray with me. At this point in Aug, I can have it translated and then send off for the I600a? Then finally send everything to the Consulate in Chicago. I cannot wait. Also, by Husband has been researching flights and such. Please pray that if it is the Lords will, we would be able to have money or someone donate frequent flier miles to me so that I can visit our son and do any paperwork needed in Haiti. I am not sure at what point I have to file I600? in Haiti, but hopefully it would work out that I would already be there at that time!!!

Until later, Love, Sarah


Anonymous said...

Hey Sarah, your girls are beautiful! Have a great time tonight! I am sure it feels good to be getting the process starting. I will be praying that God will supply a way for you to get to your son.

Nikki Cox said...

I had a great time last night. Thank you for inviting us. I know that the Lord wil provide the supplies u need to go see you little boy!
Love U

Tim & Sarah said...

Thank you sooo much Nikki!!! I had a wonderful time also. I feel so blessed to have friends who are so supportive of this adoption. I cannot wait to visit him!
Jamie, thank you, I am partial to thinking they are beautiful also! Have a wonderful time in Haiti! Give Daniel a Hug for me and tell him I love him and will be working very hard to find a way to see him soon!
Thanks to all who came to the pool party. We totaled about 165 dollars. We are so happy with this number! this brings us to only needing about 150 more for his monthly support! Praise God for his Good Works!!!! Love Always, Sarah