Friday, July 13, 2007

God's Wonderful Way of Making things Work!!!

How Awesome is God???? Let me tell you, that in just 1 month, we have been blessed to come up with 1000 dollars for our adoption! In addition to all this, I (Sarah) have been trying to do some on call therapy work. I have had no luck, I was however hired with a company, but no work had been offered as of yet. I had been really bummed about this. Noticed the past tense in this story!!! I got a call yesterday from the company asking if I could fill in any day during a specific week. I said YES YES YES!!! I am now going to be working 3 full time days this month!!! This is Awesome, because it pays a ton more than I get from my regular job. I am sooooo excited. This will give us 1/2 of our second deposit of 1000 dollars!!! God is continuing to bless us! The next fundraiser will be a Mary Kay party. My best friend is selling Mary Kay and will offer 30 % of the profit to go toward Daniel!!! I am so happy and blessed to have such wonderful friends in my life. Thanks to all who are praying for me, my family, our children etc!!! With Love, Sarah


Angela said...

Praise God!!!

Kristina said...

That is awesome!!!! God is definatly working!