Friday, June 29, 2007

rough day

I am having the roughest day yet!! I hate this. I hate waiting. I know that we officially haven't started the adoption process yet, but in my heart, mind, and soul we have. We have a son waiting on us. I hate it, because we haven't sold our home yet, I don't know how this will affect our adoption paperwork, if we have a home study completed and then move. I don't have the full amount of money yet, I am nervous, worried, stressed, etc. You get the point I'm sure. Why is this all coming out now you ask? Well, our home was showed a few days ago, and then again last night, to the same person who saw it earlier in the week. This person bought the house right across the street that has only been for sale for about a week. I know I don't have a right to complain, I have been blessed so greatly already, and I shouldn't or should I say don't have the right to rush God in his ultimate plan. I know that this home will sell when the Lord wants it to sell. I trust that God will make this home sell before August when we plan on getting our home study. I have to trust that, because by the second week of July we will have a thousand dollars for this adoption. God has provided about 950 dollars already, and we have only been in this for a couple of weeks. I am blessed, and I need to hold onto the promise that God has given. I am not patient, and I should be, I don't have the right not to be. I am so sorry to unload on all of you. I will post again real soon, so that people don't have to continue to read my sob story. Its rude, and I am sorry:( Love always, Sarah


Nikki said...

I know it is hard to wait~ But u have to remember that GOD is in control and HE always has a plan I will be praying for u in your new chapter in life~

Tim & Sarah said...

Thank you so much! This is probably going to be a really hard chapter for me; as we all know, I suck at waiting. Obviously the Lord has a lesson for me to learn, Ohhh how I wish I were a fast learner! Love you too!!!

Nikki Cox said...

I just wanted to let u know that I BLOGGED tonight. U need to go all the way to the end of the blog. Still have some editing to do... We all go through so stuff in r lives and we all learn something in the end!!!!Talk 2 u soon.

lori said...

i'm sorry you're going through this ~ although you don't 'know' me, i read your blog almost daily (mine's at ~ i know exactly what you're going through as we've completed 3 haitian adoptions & they were all so very different ~ if you ever need/want to chat/vent/listen etc. i love to talk (note my screen name ie: chatterbox) at 317.770.9032 ~ hang in there!