Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Please Pray!!!!!! Tim and I got a phone call from our realtor stating that another realtor wanted to show our home. This will be the fifth time since we started this on our own, and the first time since we listed with a realtor 3 weeks ago. Please pray that we can get everything clean and tip top shape!!! Tim has to work tomorrow so we have started cleaning tonight, but then it will be just me and the 3 youngest kids and the dogs!!! Pray I have patience and time to get everything finished. Most importantly, pray that this is the family the I have been praying to buy our home. I will keep you all informed, as I find out info, I will post it. Thanks so much!!!!!!!


Nikki said...

Sarah~ I will be praying for u. I know how stressful it is to try to clean for a showing when there r little ones behind you make a bigger mess of what u have just cleaned~
How is Brit doing at camp?!
miss u

Michelle said...