Thursday, June 14, 2007

Early Exit

Well, today Tim and I both got a phone call from Brittany. She wants to come home. At first, I was like no, she needs to stay, but then I realized that this has probably been very hard for her as she has never been away this long. It will only be less than a day early that she leaves, and at this rate, she will be able to spend time with us before having to leave for her dads house for the weekend. I miss her just as bad, so this isn't such a bad deal after all! As silly as this sounds though, I told her that she had to stay until after dinner tonight, it was expensive for her to go, and at least she will only be missing 2 meals instead of three! Silly I know, but its the penny pincher in me. Haven't heard anything from the realtor, so no update there. Will post again soon!

1 comment:

jamie said...

I so understand how she is feeling. I ALWAYS got homesick when I went to camp. Take it while you can get it because if will go away.
Praying for you home to sell.