Monday, January 29, 2007

It's a GIRL

....So here we were talking to the social worker about our home study and we start to find out what they had to offer when it came to adoption. We found out at the first appointment that they were less than 1/2 of the original agency's cost. As I said previously the wait was going to be much longer. We prayed and decided that God was in control of the situation. What we thought was going to take 12-24 months ended up taking less than 3 months after our home study was complete. YES, God blessed us once again. Not only did he bless us, he took all the wait out of the picture. We met our birth mother and she delivered our beautiful baby girl about 2 weeks later. Not only did he take the wait out, but he provided a way for us to take Miss Audrey straight home from the hospital, she never had to go into foster care. This was something I didn't want to happen. You know God blesses us when we don't deserve to be blessed. We aren't sure why God provided all our needs and a child so fast when others have to wait years, maybe it's so I can blog about this and share all the wonderful things he has done. I hope that whatever you are anxious, nervous, sad, or upset about you will know that in a blink of an eye God can choose to change your life and BLESS you beyond your wildest imagination.

Love always, Sarah


Nikki said...

ok so now I am going to comment on your BLESSING Audrey. When u first told me you were going to adopted I thoght u and Tim were NUTS~ and then when you said " we only want a byracial child.~ I Thought O MY bigger... BUT after getting to know Audrey I know that the LORD was leading u both in the right direction. She has really opened my eyes to people and not the color of there skin...She is a joy to be with and is very luck to have 2 of the best parents ever!
love ya

Tim & Sarah said...

Thank You. She has truely been a blessing. She is so much like Kaylee it's Scary!!! We love her and can't fathom life without her.