Saturday, May 23, 2009

and just like that

another month practically gone, without exiting ibesr.

it's so sad, really, that we have been in this long. i personally think that 15 months is long enough! if only the government there would agree. at this time, i can only hope that we have zero delays once we are out of ibesr.

i have a very sweet friend that has been waiting much longer than us. i really would like to see them exit too.

our children are getting older every day. Every. single. day. they. get. older. how old will they have to get before joining us here?

why? when? this year? next? at this point, even if we got out of ibesr, we are looking at a winter homecoming. that sucks. really. sucks. if only it were sooner. if only he could come home this summer. if only....

please pray for us and my friend Jamie. WE WANT OUR CHILDREN HOME! just pray. pray like a crazy person gone mad. beg on our behalf. pray a miracle would happen. pray somehow, we would be able to bring them home, even this summer. pray. pray. pray.


Amanda said...

*no words*


Lara said...

Praying for you and for Jamie too. It's going to happen!!

cathy.troy said...

Praying and believing for you and Jamie in the God that specializes in the impossible!!