Monday, August 4, 2008

a streak of bad luck!

One bad episode after another. It all started with waking up to my phone charger broken. It evidently had been ran over by the vacuum. My phone was so old, that it was going to cost more to purchase a new charger, than to re due our contract, and get another phone. We ventured to WalMart, and got a new phone for 0 dollars, and only a 18 dollar activation fee! Whew, God saves us! Next, we were in an accident! Yes, you read right, I wrecked our suburban, with all of us in it! Fortunately, God saved us from rolling over. We find out after that, it might take a while to find out if it's totalled, or fixable. We had to have it towed to INDY. Our insurance company just picked it up today, and hopefully we will know something by tomorrow, or Wed. Bad thing is, it's not worth what we owe, and if they fix it, it could get really pricey renting cars, since our only other vehicle doesn't fit all of us, and I go back to work for the school year starting tomorrow!!!! UGG!!!!!! Does it ever stop? Anyhow, I guess all we can say now, is that we know God can and will work this out for us, and we are praising him, that no one was hurt! Our truck was airborne, and made it back on all 4 tires, with out harming anyone! We are so thankful that we are with a great very understanding bank, who has assured us, that everything will be OK, and that they will help us work something out, so that if the truck is totalled, we can still afford to get something else. We may owe them forever, but they have so far, bent over backwards for us! Please be praying that this will all fall into place very soon, that we will know answers soon, and that what ever is decided, to fix the truck or total it, that it won't take forever!


Abbie said...

Oh my Sarah, this is not the kind of excitement we hope for in our days!! I think we would each prefer a good-news call from Gretchen. =)

Glad to hear that everyone is alright.

Greg's Wife said...

Oh I'm so sorry, Sarah! What a rotten day! Praise God that noone was hurt in the Suburban affair. I am thankful the Lord uses ALL things for His glory, but still sorry for your bummer day. I am hoping tomorrow brings good news from a distant land.

Kristina said...

We are praying.

Make no mistake satan is on the prowl my friend. Stand strong and blow him away with your faith and love for Jesus!

I just got out of the hospital myself! Medical bills we don't need either!

Brandy said...

Praise God that you all are safe. How scary for you and the children!!! Praying that the Lord will turn this into a blessing and in the end we can laugh at the enemies failed attempt to upset your family.

P.S. My mom works in an office for an auto dealer. They highly encourage GAP insurance. I think we paid an extra 500.00 in case of an accident if we owed more than the vehicle was worth it (which we do)it would pay off the remaining balance. Something to think about in the future.
Also, I personally know the manager of a great dealership in E'ville. (My Mom works for the same company and the manager is my Dad's neighbor!) If you do need a "like" new car, drop me an email. I can give him a call and make sure you are well taken care of. :)
Praying that you have an awesome day today!!

Kathy Eden said...

Praise God that you all are alright!!! Praying for you my friend!

Salzwedel Family said...

Wow! I'm so thankful you are all OK. Praying God will work this mess out for you.

angela said...

o sarah!!! i am so thankful you are okay!! wow, i think i would just curl up in bed and not come out! i am impressed with your determination to praise the Lord in ALL THINGS!!