Thursday, May 1, 2008

Headed to Haiti!!

So I'll be leaving for Haiti Saturday morning. I am taking down finger paint, in hopes of trying to get each family a finger paint picture done by their little one. If you could, please email me your address, and any address you have of fellow adoptive parents who may not blog, so that I can send them their picture when I get back. Of course, please ask them if it is OK before you give me their address. Hope all is well here while I am gone. Please pray for safety! I will miss you all out here in blog land!


Angela said...

Have fun!!! said...

Tim + Sarah,

Greetings from Iraq. I fianally found your web page. I hadn't heard from you on my e-mail updates. I figured it might be easier to keep you updaded via your blog page.

I sent a comment a few minutes ago but I think it got erased in the preview stage.

I'm doing well here. No real complaints so far (except for being so far from home). Things are pretty safe here. I don't leave the wire, so the only danger is the mortar attacks which seem to be concentrated toward the airfield.

I'm getting ready for the Indy 500 Festival Mini-marathon. They are holding a sattelite run here at LSA Anaconda. 13.1 miles. I just hope to finish.

Keep plugging along in your adoption. Isaiah is absolutely adorable. He will make a nice addition to your already gorgeous family. You are in my prayers. Now that I know where your blog page is I will catch up on where you all are in the process.

I'm sure all the phone lines will be tied up on Mother's Day, so if I can't call, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY SARAH!!!!!

I am planning to attempt to contact Tim on his Birthday, so keep an ear out.

I'm naming this comment by my e-mail address, so feel free to send a note.

I also have a wall in my room dedicated to kid pictures and letters, if the kids want to write. My mailing address is:

SGT Mark Olson
B Co 76 STB
APO AE 09391

I'll update again later.


Tim & Sarah said...

It is so nice to hear from you!!! Praise God that you are doing so well! We really miss you!
You will do well with the marathon. You have lots of kids remember? If you can raise kids as well as you do, I am sure you can finish the marathon!!!
I won't be here for Tim's birthday, but he is reading this also, and will keep his ear out for you to call if you are able.
The girls would love to send you a letter. They pray for you all the time, and ask if you need anything that we may be able to send. Please keep us updated!
Praying for you and your family!!!
sarah and Tim!

Kathy said...

Safe journey!

Nikki Cox said...

ok this in this blog you sound so very calm and relaxed and I for one know that you r scared to death! I will look after Tim and the girls for you, I know you would do it for me! i KNOW that everything will be fine! The Lord is in control! You KNOW This!!! I know you do! I will miss you bunches and we will all be praying for a safe flight and trip there and back for you!
Love you

lizzie said...

i'm soo happy for you!! have fun!!

megan haug said...

hope the flying goes okay for you! yippee, you get to see your baby boy!!! have a great time!

Greg's Wife said...

Can't wait til you return with photos & stories! Have a great trip!!!

you-you said...

whoo-hoo!!! kiss those kids!!!