Monday, May 19, 2008


I don't remember, I am unsure if she is laughing or crying here.... Sorry Stephanie, I just can't seem to recall. She is beautiful at any rate!
OH no, it's the finger paint monster!
What a precious child! Happy, eager to please, and loving! The kisses I received were priceless!
Angela, Steven asked me to take this for you, he wasn't holding on to anything, and was so proud of his balancing abilities!

So shy, yet so lovable and sweet!

I have been nothing short of blessed just by knowing the children at the O! I had a wonderful time and pray that each and every child knew and felt the love that I have for each and every single one while I was there! May God quickly bring these children home to their forever families!


Angela said...

Nice Steven!! He makes me laugh. He did that trick a lot while I was there in Feb. Guess he didn't want me to forget that he can still do it. Too funny. Thanks for the smile. :)

Salzwedel Family said...

I'm thinkin' she wasn't liking the paint too much, but maybe she is laughing. Do you have the picture she made? I would LOVE it! Thanks so much for the pictures.

Kristina said...

I'm sure the kids fet your love because you were willing to love on them, hug them and receive their kisses!!!!

Thanks for loving on them!

Greg's Wife said...

What wonderful photos- so many gorgeous kids! Thank you for taking the time to share them with us.

I wish I could do that basketball trick. Pretty cool!

Greg's Wife said...

Hi Sarah, I thought I had your email address, but I can't find it! Here's mine: Please email me there and I'll send you our address. I can't wait to see more of our boys! Thank you!!!!!

Kathy Eden said...

Awesome pictures Sarah! I think Anchise was crying because she was near Kelly. Kelly said that for some reason Anchise was afraid of her.

angela said...

sarah, these are excellent pictures! you really caught some great moments! the first one (one the above post) of isaiah is beautiful. and the jeff one, and the hope one . . .
they're really great!!

i'm so glad you were able to enjoy this trip more! praise the Lord!

megan haug said...

those are wonderful pictures!!

i love the one of Jefferson! he is so funny!