Sunday, February 17, 2008

What a weekend!

This weekend has been CRAZY, yet a blessing. We started out on Friday having a parent's night out fundraiser. This was so much fun!!! We raised $70 with this event. All of the children who came, were all so well behaved, and a lot of fun to watch. We had a really great bunch here! We were so blessed as a couple of people paid more than the suggested donation of $5, and some dear friends gave us a huge bag of aluminum cans! Thanks a bunch Randy and Kathy!!! I think we will do this again, maybe over spring break for a parents "Spring Break". Thank you Lord for all your blessings!

Saturday afternoon, we had the local WYLD life leaders over, we are wanting to get involved with this ministry, if it's opening up our home, or hanging out with middle schoolers, or just praying for them, we want to be there for this ministry. We had a nice time with the leaders, and hope to have them over agian real soon.

Brittany, our oldest had some friends over on Saturday night. She had missed out on a party a few weeks ago, so I told her that if all the kids brought a snack and or drink to share, that she could have some friends over. It worked out well, she got to have friends over, about 12, and we didn't have to pay to feed them!!!!! I will say though it was a bit loud. The girls had a screaming contest (I could have done without this one) and the boys wrestled on our floor!!! (I could have really done without this too!) We watched game plan, and just hung out with her friends. We always want her and her friends to know that they have a place to go! Hopefully this will cut down on the sneaking around and trouble they get into! God blessed us with this house, and we want to be a blessing to others, even if it is junior high kids!

We had Tim's brother and his family over on Sunday after church, which was a nice visit. It had been since Christmas that we saw them. Now, it's time for me to get 4 girls ready for Monday and all it's madness!!!

Please continue to pray for our adoption, we are still waiting for an IBESR number. I just this weekend have felt overwhelming peace on when Isiaiah will be home! I know this is God's plan, and I know he will see it through until his beautiful feet hit american soil!!! Praise God for all his hard work on this adoption!


Kristina said...

The girls had a great time! And we appreciate that we got some time together without all the noise!

Glad it went well and that you have peace about the adoption!

megan haug said...

geez, that was a busy weekend!!

sounds like Brittany and her friends had a good time!! (i mean, what's more fun than a screaming contest??)

Anonymous said...

O my what a fun filled weekend wish we could have been there for all the fun....I promise to help with it all NEXT time!
Love ya ~N~

Kathy Eden said...

Phoebe enjoyed herself. Thanks for our night out! I'm glad that it went well.

Christine said...

So ggod to hear the fundraising went so well! God bless!