Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I am perhaps the worst at waiting!!! I hate it! I long for news! I want to hear that our papers have progressed to another stage! Please Lord help me to be a better waiter during this adoption!!!


Kristina said...

Waiting sucks!

I have found friends and prayer helps get through it!

livingpurereligion said...

I wish that I could offer you some words of encouragement, but I'm with Kristina.... waiting does suck and there is not a nicer way to put it:)

Know that we are all in this waiting game together! Misery loves company:)


Hope and Rob said...

Thanks for visiting our blog!! =) There's still no new news. But we do try to remember waiting develops awesome character, perserverence and wisdom. I TOTALLY know what you're feeling right now though! Ugghh I feel like I'm going through the worst waiting ever right now. But at least we know the kids look healthy and are still around. We're praying for you guys!!!

Sarah D. said...

Sure will pray some good news comes soon!