Sunday, February 10, 2008

Things and such...

Not much going on here!

Last night, a couple of wonderful, awesome friends came over to help me relax Audrey's hair. I love it, it turned out really nice. She now is very flaunty with it. It has been funny to watch her swoop her hair behing her shoulders, to flip her head forward and then back to fluff her hair, and to ask for it to be combed and conditioned! I love this girl!

I have been getting ready for the children's sale which is at the armory in March, hoping to make a few extra dollars for the adoption, along with a HUGE yard sale a friend and I are going to have at the end of March. Lots of prep involved with this! I have everything from furniture, to appliances, to clothes of all seasons for this. I am very excited.

This comming weekend, I am babysitting for Parents night out, in hopes of earning a few extra dollars for the adoption, I am excited about this! My husband and I are a team in this, so it should be very fun!

I have started to think about the day I decide to decorate Isaiah's room, (as soon as everything else is paid for) and I am so excited with ideas, I am itching to get started!

Other than that, all the girls are doing great, Brittany continues to do well in Band, and homework is starting to become more easy for her. She is loving her 6th grade year! Kaylee continues to make straight A's in school, Audrey and her Hair, I will post a pic soon, and Emily, Gotta love this girl! She is talking a tons more, and each day is a pleasure to be with.

Looking forward to an IBESR NUMBER!!! This can't come soon enough!
Talk to you soon!


Kathy Eden said...

Sounds like you have a lot of great projects in the works. I'm glad the hair relaxing went well. I've been relaxing Phoebe's hair for quite a while now. It makes it sooooooooo much easier to comb through & to style.

Looking forward to our couple's night out Friday. I'll be bringing some cans with me as well.
Praying that you get your IBESR number very soon!!!

livingpurereligion said...

I wanna come to couple's night out!!! I must admit that I am quite envious of the Evansville gang! I'm praying that we will one day have a Daytona Beach gang as well!

I've been contemplating the fact that I will need to learn how to do Rebecca's hair!!! (Not that she has much right now, anyway.) I am clueless at this point! Unfortunately, I know that I'll have PLENTY of time to figure it out before she comes home!


Angela said...

Can't wait to see the hair. Praying you get your IBESR number soon. Thanks for the update!! :)

Tim & Sarah said...

Kathy,I do have lots of great projects going on right now. Projects that I hope will help us with our adoption fee's
Livingpurereligion, This will be the first time I have decided to have a parents night out. I am really looking forward to providing childcare for other families! I hope someday you have a great gang in Daytona also! If not, we all just visit! Don't worry about the hair thing, it's not that hard, just time consuming!
Angela, Thanks for your prayers!!

Sarah D. said...

Where will the yard sale be?  Chad and I are itching to have a yard sale this year.  We are already collecting 'stuff'.  If you have it at the house, let us know and we'll do ours at the same time.  Usually the neighborhood does a big one twice a year but I don't know when that is.

The Monfils family ~ said...

Oh, I just love the children's sale idea, Sarah! I think I may borrow that one from ya. ;)

Good luck with all your projects! I pray all goes well to help fund the adoption.


Kristina said...

I've been praying that all your projects go well. And I can't wait to see Audrey's hair!!!!

Tim & Sarah said...

Sarah, we will have the yard sale here. I am currently planning to have it March 28 and 29!!!
Colleen, I don't plan the children's sale, a local consignment shop does!! It's wonderful, they only take a small % of the amount you choose to sell your items for.
Kristina, Thanks for all your prayers! Audrey's hair rocks!

you-you said...

i really hope those projects help bring him home!! i can't wait to hear your ideas for his room!!

Tim & Sarah said...

You-You, I can't wait to finally have the adoption paid for, and finally be able to start on his room! I will definately post pictures!