Monday, January 14, 2008

First of several posts with pictures

The meeting, it didn't go so well!
Isaiah's (aka Daniel) birth mother. Isn't she beautiful?

This was one of Tim's favorite Haitian men
He is going to be such a heart breaker!
Tim loved the show the boys put on! He thinks the drummer is the coolest!


Holly & Robb said...

Thank you for the picture of Bryce trying to steel some attention from you husband. Looks like he was a huge hit with the kids. I am so grateful to all the men who go spend time with the children.
All your children are so gorges! You can see the light of Christ in their smiles. Love Holly, Benaldo and Bryce's mama

Tim & Sarah said...

Holly, Your son Bryce stood out to my husband all week! He was very intrigued with him. You have a wonderful son!

Kathy Eden said...

It looks like Tim had way too much fun...and I'm so glad that he did! I'm sure it was hard for him to say good bye to his little man.

Kristina said...

Yes! His birthmom is beautiful!