Wednesday, January 30, 2008


OK, a friend suggested that I post the cost, so that everyone who decides to donate, will know what the donation is for, so here is my best at putting the fee on paper :

USCIS fee - $670 - PAID

Home study update - $700 - PAID
Medical exams, Lab work - $300 - PAID

Translation fee - $400 - PAID

Orphanage fee - $3000 - PAID

1st part of Legal fee - $2100 - PAID

6 months of support - $2400 - PAID

Trip to meet Isaiah and submit Dossier - $800 - PAID

Trip to file paperwork with DHS - $800 - PAID

2nd part of Legal fee - $2100 - almost there, 1500 left!
Trip to pick up Isaiah - $1000
I may have left off some of the fee's that were paid, so if any of you adoptive parents cans see something that I left off, please let me know!!!


Kathy said...

Did you have a child fee or is that the orphanage fee? We had a child fee of $8,000 the first child and $7,500 for the second.

Tim & Sarah said...

Kathy, I think that is what the O fee is.

Kathy Eden said...

Kathy...for us it's called the program fee & it is also reduced for more than one child.

Nikki Cox said...

I am glad to know what all the fee are going for.....I can not wait to meet him!
Love u

Tim & Sarah said...

I did forget one thing, and that was the psych evals. I think they were about 150 dollars.