Monday, July 16, 2007


God's done it again!! He has provided yet another day to work! I am sooooo excited. It is though bitter sweet, because this is time that I don't get to spend with my children, on the other hand, I do however get to work to help provide the much needed money that we have to have to bring Daniel home! I will work tomorrow and cannot wait. I just hope I remember everything since I now work with children, not elders. It has been a long time since I was with that age group. Most importantly, I pray that God would continue to bring me work so that we can afford that cost of this adoption!!! Thanks to all who continue to pray for our family!!! Love, Sarah


Kristina said...

I love it when God does that!

Lizzie said...

Hi Sarah, i'm Lizzie, Gretchen's daughter. I looove Daniel! Congratulations! Daniel deserves a great home & from what i have heard he is getting a great one!

Tim & Sarah said...

Thank you so much Lizzie!! We love him TOO! I cannot wait to meet him. I pray it will be very soon. Maybe in OCT.

Sarah said...

Hi Sarah,
I am responding to your comment on my blog:
Landie is at Children of the Promise in Cap Haitian and this is our first adoption! I have two girls ages 9 and (almost!)12.

lori said...

love reading your blog, keep it coming!!

lori (