Friday, July 27, 2007

Curb Side Purchase

This morning in the middle of returning home (from picking up dossier paperwork) I saw a bake sale. It was being ran by several young girls. I stopped to purchase whatever it was that they were selling. I want to encourage each and everyone who reads this to stop and make a purchase anytime you see a curb side sale being ran by children. I didn't think much about it at the time, but just as I was driving off, I could hear the girls cheering and asking one another how much I bought (.75). This was such a blessing to me to know that these little girls were that excited. The maturity and professionalism they showed was so cute. I have thought about them often today and wondered why they were selling baked goods. I am not sure why they were selling, all I know was the blessing I received hearing them and seeing them jumping up and down was just priceless. Enjoy your day, we have enjoyed chocolate chip cookies:0) Love, Sarah


Kathy Eden said...

Thanks for sharing! Sometimes it's easy to forget how simple things can be such a blessing.

Lizzie said...

Sarah, you have such a big heart! You should be very proud of yourself, that wass defiantly a move Jesus would make!

Tim & Sarah said...

Oh thank you Lizzie, I didn't do it really for any other reason than I wanted to pay back to someone else how so many have help me recently. I don't feel proud, just very happy that I made their day!!!! Anyway thanks for your message, You are soooo sweet, and I can't wait for us to meet in the future! Thanks for all you do!