Wednesday, June 20, 2007


I need your help.......

I am recycling aluminum cans, if anyone would be willing to save their cans for us, I would greatly appreciate it. Just contact me as soon as you have some you want to get rid of.

I also am trying to find a room that I could use to host a babysitting fundraiser with Kristina to fund our adoptions. This would be a Friday night, or Saturday during the day. If anyone knows of a place we could use, PLEASE let me know. I have called around, our church says no, and most other places are costly.

Pray Pray Pray that Satan wont get a hold of this family. We are doing the Lords will, and I don't want us to fall under attack. Pray for the upcoming fundraisers, that the Lord would provide all we need financially for this adoption. Our son will come home!

Also, if anyone is interested in doing a yard sale with me and splitting the cost of advertising, I would also appreciate that. I have a bundle of clothes, but nothing much more than that.

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Anonymous said...

sorry no cans for you, but I just read your other post. Congrats on your adoption. Can't wait to see your son. How exciting it is when God calls us to something he is always faithful to see us through.
praying for you