Monday, June 25, 2007


Well, I mailed out our application today. I am so excited. I know that this is just one step closer to getting my boy home. I cannot wait for the day to post his cute little picture and announce to the world "HE'S OURS!!!!!" It is just a matter of time now. I will hopefully have my first 1000 dollars, by the first part of July, we will then have a pool party in the middle of July, a Tupperware party in Aug, Pictures in Sept, and a Spaghetti dinner in Sept or Oct. I am waiting for our challenges to roll in. I have only sent out about 1/2 and will get the rest out in a week or so. I hope to have the next 1000 dollars paid by the end of Aug and the last 1000 paid by the end of Oct as well as our dossier packet, along with the first half of the Haitian filing fee's. Then boys and girls we wait! Ohhhh this will be perhaps the longest wait of my life, but I know in the end, God will have done amazing work and had amazing timing!

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