Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Lord's perfect plan

Do you ever wonder why? Why some women who want a baby and are merely days away from delivery suddenly loose their child. This leaves her so empty handed, to push through labor, and afterwards, be engorged because there is no baby to feed. Women to don't choose this but then, the unthinkable happens! This saddens me so much. I know that whatever happens, happens for a reason, and that the Lord knew what was going to happen and that he planned for things to happen the way they did. What about the mothers who don't want their children, who abuse them, who call and just give them away, because it wasn't in "Their Plan" or who use drugs in effort to abort, or who just simply raise their child and forever mistreat the child out of resentment. This past weekend has been especially hard. I have just now begun to stop and think about all of it. Tim and I have 2 set of friends, one set who we are praying for due to the loss of their baby. She was merely days away, and now have nothing to hold, nothing to feed, just an empty heart. I am so sad for this couple. It was just a week or so ago, that the man told Tim that he had bought his baby girl an Easter dress. I pray that God would heal their empty hearts, and that his glory would be seen in all of this. Our next set of friends have brought their baby girl home. We are rejoicing with them. The baby girl who was given up by her mother. The baby girl who had no love, but is blessed to with the new family. This little girl has had the Lords hand on her protecting her from day one, and all the while, knowing that she would end up in the right home. I am so happy for this family. They heard the Lord speak and followed his voice. Praise God that they are so willing to seek him in all they do, hear, and say. I love this family and can rest assured that this baby will be forever taken care of. She will be raised with Christ in the center and the knowledge of him. Praise God. God is truly a God who I will never understand. His control over all this earth is something I cannot comprehend....

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