Tuesday, January 16, 2007

In the beginning

Wow, I can't beleive that it is already Tuesday. Well as I told you all I would start to share our story. Tim and I met over 17 years ago in high school. We never dated, however was very good friends. After high school, we both sort of went our own way. I married a guy that I was dating during senior year and Tim moved to join the Marine Corp. I quickly got pregnant. Within 1 year of marriage, I divorced my oldest daughter's dad. I went back to school, lived in income housing, worked as a dental assistant and needless to say struggled financially. I was very much into parting. Tim, after 4 years in the Corp moved back home, (please don't ask about all he did while gone, we don't want to get into that). Tim and I met back up just before Brittany's 4th birthday. It was like the good ol' times. That is until I got pregnant and the pressure was on. We were together on and off. We ended up going to the court house and eloping. This by no stretch of the imagination kept us together. We separated a total of 8 or 9 times. In the mean time Kaylee was born. The entire 1st year, she was sick, sick to the point we took her to Riley Hospital to have tests run to see if they could figure out what was going on. Long story short, Tim and I were 2 weeks from a divorce when we decided to give it a go again, and put the Lord in the center of our relationship and lives 100%. This is when it all changed.... Tune in later to read about the really awesome stuff. I think you will be blessed knowing how the Lord worked what seemed to be self destruction and doom out for HIS glory.
Love always, Sarah


Tim & Sarah said...

Ok, before anyone comments, I have a quick questions to ask. When I look at my blog, our picture dosen't show up, All I see is an empty box with a small red X in it. Anybody know why???????? Sarah

Kristina said...

Don't have any idea why it isn't showing up. If you know Jason and Laura Burton, he is the one I always ask. He is a computer genious!

I'm enjoying reading your blog!

Tim & Sarah said...

unfortunally we don't know him. I am really bummed that the pic isn't showing up. There will be lots more to come. Love Ya. Sarah

Nikki said...

ok let me just say that I for one did not really care for that TIM in the begging....BUT now after doing a little SOLE searching he has really grown up and is a great dad and husband!
Love u guys